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Relive is creating the next generation of real estate entrepreneurs, by turning individual real estate agents into successful entrepreneurs.

With Relive, Real Estate Agents have the time to do what really matters: Prospecting and Sales.

All the rest? We are on top of all the rest.
Hence, Real Estate Agents can save more time and make more money.

Making their own brand and business grow in a sustainable – in terms of invested resources, but exponential manner – in terms of sales.
We have developed an innovative technological platform, in addition to an efficient back office team, so that all services that involve the day-to-day life of a Real Estate Agent are digitized and automated.

At Relive, we work for Real Estate Agents.

I am José Costa Rodrigues, CEO at Relive - and I would like to answer this question myself.

Although today I am viewed as a successful entrepreneur, this was not always the case.

Let me tell you my story, and why I, along with Sergio and Henrique, started Relive:
José Costa Rodrigues
When I was 16 years old, I started selling everything: cell phone covers, airsoft, playstation games, watches, cars, cell phones...

Including prospecting for customers; taking pictures, packaging and shipping products; creating marketing and managing social networks; talking to my lawyer or accountant...

Time was always an issue, I had to do all by myself as I was a solo entrepreneur.

I was alone.
José Costa Rodrigues’ Instagram Photo
When I turned 19 years old, I launched Forall Phones and had good results. In the first year, I sold 350,000€, in the second, I sold 500,000€.

Still, from a certain point on, growing more became difficult. I ran out of ideas, I was exhausted, drained.

Finally, I realized that more importantly than doing it all by myself, was to have a TEAM, who would work with me in the areas that I did not master.
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Forall grew exponentially since then!

In five years, we had +100 employees, 15 stores and a turnover of 20 million euros.

Shortly afterwards, the company was bought out by an investor.
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Dinheiro Vivo

Forall Phones sold to a Portuguese private investor

Traveling or simply going to the beach seemed like comfortable ideas, but I decided that my future would involve re-investing:

Re-investing in other Entrepreneurs, empowering them with the resources, which took me years to acquire, but that finally allowed me to achieve success!

Relive invests 1 million euros to help real estate agents.

Nowadays, I think that most Real Estate Agents out there, working for big brands, franchises, or even independently... are just like me at the beginning of my career:

They are alone, with no time and facing difficulties in order to grow!

At Relive today, our Big Dream is simple:

Working for the best entrepreneurs in the real estate sector, helping them professionalize their business, growing in a sustained but exponential way.

I hope you will give us the privilege of working for you.

José Costa Rodrigues

CEO, Relive
Jan 2021
Relive is founded
Jan 2021
Dec 2021
Relive has over 100 listed properties, +100 agents and +50 deals
Dec 2021
Jan 2022
Relive receives offers from top Portuguese and American investors - and raises 1.1 million dollars
Jan 2022
May 2022
Relive Portugal's backoffice team grows to 10 people. Relive USA starts its operations in Austin, Texas
May 2022
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José Costa Rodrigues

Co-Founder & CEO

Sérgio Ferrás

Co-Founder & CTO

Henrique Brás

Co-Founder & CSO

Hugo Carmelo

Head of Finance

Tânia Pereira

Sales Manager

Diogo Carlos

Software Engineer

Teresa Vasco


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